Why Life Insurance !

December 2019 , the world panic. A virus of major concerned.

Medical staff working together in full infectious control attire during the Covid-19 outbreak. They are all focused on an imaging screen.

We all were seeking some sort of protection.

Our scientist (a person who is studying or has expert knowledge of one or more of the natural or physical sciences. Began to work on a Cure

Our Media was denying the possibilities of a Pandemic.

But then it happen. A break out of sickness and death all around the world.

Daily Report of Death

America Panic and went on a buying spree for

Masks of all style and size, Mostly made in China.

Then A Cure . But People Lost Jobs

And the this happen.

700,000.00 deaths and the Pandemic was still spreading.

No Pandemic , just a cold

And Then :


Were You Insured or Not